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Marketing for Small Business

We Repeat, Marketing for “Small Business”

A small business helping other small businesses:

Let's simplify what marketing really is

There are many complicated explanations of what marketing is, but it doesn't have to be that way. When you break it down to its basic form, marketing is simply identifying who your customer is (“everyone” is the wrong answer), understanding that customer, their needs, priorities, preferences, and how they think, then creating strategies to reach them with solutions they will want to respond to.

What marketing is not

Marketing is not advertising. Many people equate the two, but that leads to disappointing results. Advertising and marketing do work together, but it's important to your success that you realize they serve different functions. For one, people instinctively resist advertising and sales messages. That's a primary reason that effective marketing is so important.

Marketing is at the core of our services

Whether you come to us with your marketing strategy already developed, or need our services to incorporate sound marketing, you'll be glad to know that we don't just produce the job without understanding your marketing needs. One of the key questions that must be answered is: how are you unique, or, why should your customer buy from you?

As basic of a tenet as this is in marketing, the majority of promotional materials, such as brochures and web sites, fail to answer that primary question. Marketing is all too often an afterthought, and is sought out only after things are failing or not working out as well as had been hoped for. We believe marketing should be planned from the start.

When you choose us for web design, graphic design, or writing, marketing is never just an afterthought. This provides you with an advantage most of your competitors won't have.

Marketing: Myth vs. Reality

A Simple Truth That Many Seem to Miss

When you think of business marketing, what is your first thought? What mental image or idea comes to mind? What might surprise you is that when you are in business, you are doing marketing whether it is a conscious decision or not. Nearly every aspect of your business is related to marketing in some way.

Let's start out by telling you something about marketing that may surprise you. There is a myth which many business people seem to believe. The myth is that marketing and advertising are the same thing. They are not, and once you discover some important differences, it will empower you to be more successful.

One thing especially intriguing about this commonly held myth is that people instinctively know it's not true. Yet if you pay close attention to discussions about advertising, many business people ask questions like, “Which advertising method works best?” One problem with this type of question is that the answer is elusive without marketing.

If a method of advertising had some special magic, everyone who used it would succeed. For example, many have used TV advertising successfully while competitors using the same methods have gone out of business. Now you may be thinking, “Well yeah, that's obvious!” You're exactly right, so now we can only wonder why so many people believe the myth.

Once you get past all the overly complicated explanations of marketing, it really just comes down to getting inside the mind of your customer and convincing them to buy from you. Advertising does not do that; it creates and raises awareness. Advertising and marketing work together, but they do serve separate functions, and neither works very well by itself.

There is another reason it's important to emphasize this distinction. Only a fraction of companies offering creative services actually recognize the importance of marketing. They may be asking you to believe in the myth that advertising and marketing are the same. The widespread belief in this myth is at least part of the reason why advertising so often fails.

If your business is like most, you probably have few if any competitors who are really doing a good job at marketing. Even if they are, there is some area where you can be different and better. We can help you identify opportunities and take advantage of them. That's also an important part of what marketing really is.

Just contact us to get creative services where marketing and goal planning are standard issue.

Business marketing is the higher level of graphic design, web design, and creative writing you may not always think about. All too often, the focus is on the visual appeal of marketing materials. As important as this is, it is not the most important aspect.

When you are looking for a logo design, flyer or brochure, sign, web site, or any other type of marketing material, there is a mode of thinking that will place you far ahead of your competition because most people focus on the wrong priorities. The mode of thinking is simple, yet profound. Simply ask yourself this question, “Will this cause people to buy from us?”

That simple concept is the driving force behind the services we provide. That is the advantage you will receive from Creative Business Services. It is the best way to earn your loyalty and repeat business.

To accomplish this, we become more than just a service provider. We also become a consultant because you will most likely need to participate. By combining your expertise in your own business with our expertise in creativity, design, technology, and marketing, there is no competitor that you will need to feel threatened by.

Your participation empowers you to control your own business and marketing. It also keeps your costs down so our services are always affordable and effective. This would be a good time to contact us, then we can provide a free, no-obligation proposal for any service that will help you become more successful.

Creative Business Services is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.