A Creative Solution To Our Needs

About 2 years ago, we were without a website at all, and certainly without the expertise to create our own. After "shopping" around to see what was available for smaller businesses, I was extremely frustrated by the lack of originality and "canned" choices that were shown as package deals for what seemed like enormous prices. Creative Business Services gave us something better...a creative solution to our needs. We now have a very attractive website that gives customers a clear and concise idea of what H&L Advantage is all about and makes it very easy for them to contact us. And all for a very affordable price, and quick, reliable service. The site is fully scalable, and we are developing the latest changes and enhancements to the site right now. Creative Business Services has done an outstanding job for H&L Advantage, and I would recommend them for anyone's needs.

Steve Beurkens -- H&L Advantage
September 2004
About 2 years after creating their first web site which we have revised and maintained ever since

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