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Examples of Written Works

These writing examples are listed by category so you can conveniently review material closest to your current needs. More extensive portfolios are included on each writer's bio page. You can also Meet the Writers to get an overview of the writing team.

NOTE: All examples are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced without written permission from their authors.

The samples below will open in their own new window or tab so you can close them to easily return to this page.

Web Site Copywriting

Breyer Construction & Landscape - This web site, designed and primarily written by Steve Chittenden, demonstrates brief but powerful, customer focused page content that stands out amongst contractor web sites.

Victors Roofing, Gutters, and Insulation - This custom WordPress site uses content created entirely by Creative Business Services with images provided by Victors. After interviewing Victor to gain an understanding of his business and needs, the writing was a collaborative effort between Steve Chittenden and Laura Chittenden. – Tax codes are rather dry material, but this content written by Dan Furman explains the need to know information in his trademark Plain English writing style.

Promotional Material Design/Copy (brochures, catalogs, etc.)

Alpha Prison Ministries brochure - This demonstrates the use of intriguing cover copy to invite opening and reading the thought provoking content inside. Designed and written by Steve Chittenden.

Nearly Natural – This technically is a web site for realistic artificial plants with content written by Dan Furman, but it contains thousands of catalog descriptions which he also wrote.

Sales Copy

Cover letter for eye care professionals by Steve Chittenden - This example shows the text used in a cover letter proposing a service for eye care professionals. The content of the letter addresses problems that will resonate with optometrists because most battle with these problems. The offer of a solution with the strong selling point that there is no risk to try the service provides a compelling case to take advantage of the offer. Although this is an actual cover letter showing the real content, identifying information has been removed.

E-Book Writing and Electronic Documents

7 Secrets to Online Business Success by Steve Chittenden - This resource not only outlines proven principles of online success but demonstrates them used in real world examples. At only 5 pages (only 4 of actual content), it's an easy read.

Article Writing

The Big Advantages of Small Business by Steve Chittenden - This has been among Steve's most popular articles about small business.

Local winery showcases fine vintages at Reserve... by Laura Chittenden - April 2012 was the first Michigan Wine Month after being signed into law by Governor Snyder. Reserve celebrated by hosting a fine wine tasting.

Blog Writing

Remodel Zone - These blog posts by Steve Chittenden demonstrate simplifying the topic of marketing to a target audience that often struggles with it — home remodelers.

Technical Writing

Computer Disaster Prevention by Steve Chittenden. This material is easily found yet rarely seen except by the prudent. The reason is, most people never seek prevention. When disaster strikes, they seek recovery only to find out lack of preparation often makes recovery impossible. Prevention is not difficult and this material demonstrates simple solutions and why they are so important.

ICG Consulting – Web site copy by Dan Furman for corporate-level IT consulting company based in Arizona.