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A professional freelance writer/copywriter for many types of writing and editing

Creative Business Services in Grand Rapids, Michigan is a single source for creative writing, business writing, proposal writing, or almost any writing and editing. As a professional copywriter, I can provide writing for a brochure, mail-out, business proposal, sales aid, flyer, web site, article, newsletter, press release, and about any type of promotional writing or creative writing or copywriting or technical writing.

Written communication, or writing, plays an important role in the success of any objective. Good copywriting is so important that the one common denominator in every success is when goals and purposes are written down. When you need writing to share your vision, writing to promote a product, or writing to communicate a message, I can help you as a writer to do it with clarity and professionalism. The target audience for the writing needs to be identified, then use creative writing to captivate their attention with the message we want them to receive. The copy writer must motivate them to consider your product, your solution, or your offer.

Creative Business Services provides freelance writing and copywriting. An additional advantage to my writing ability is my understanding of the Internet. I provide web content writing. As a web content writer, I get your message to the search engines so people can find you. Web content writing is more than just getting search engine results, web content writing must keep the attention of web content readers. I am a web content writer who writes in HTML and XHTML, plus other web languages. Writing web content though is not like writing other content. A web content writer has a very short period of time to capture the attention of a web user and have your web content even read. All elements of a web page must work together so the writing on your web page can get the desired results.

Whether you need a copywriter to edit, proofread (or proof read), or just fine tune your written message, I can assist you with professional writing and editing. Your copywriting project can be an advertising message, business proposal, textbook, book, flyer, brochure, technical manual, report, cover letter, training course, sales letter or promotion, web site or website, article writing, display ad, story, testimonial, ad copy, package design, summary, or virtually any other type of copywriting. I can also provide editing and proofreading (or proof reading) of your writing projects such as a web site, web copy, book an article material, etc. As a professional copywriter, I can take a basic concept and translate it into an effective written communication.

Captivating Eyes With Writing Services

Our Eyes are Drawn to Beauty, Even in Words

Captivating eyes with effective writing and copywritingSuccessful advertisers know that beauty sells. To promote a vacation package, they use images of breathtaking scenery, plush resorts, mouth watering food, and people enjoying themselves. Even the products we buy for features or performance sell better if they look nice.

Words are like that too. You may not even consciously realize the profound effect they have on you, but your mind works to create mental images from what you read. If there is beauty in the words, your reading experience will be pleasant.

Effective writing evokes some kind of positive response: it captivates, it can persuade, create laughter, bring understanding and enlightenment, inspire, unite, and even stimulate success. Yet in business, effective writing is often overlooked or under valued, and that creates a wealth of opportunities you can take advantage of.

The only questions are: what opportunities, and, how will you seize them? That's what we will answer for you. Simply contact us to discuss it.

Below, you will discover some of the benefits of effective writing that you should expect from a good writer.

The Benefits of Effective Copywriting

I had three project managers and two research associates, our marketing manager, and an administrator review your site. Everyone gave positive feedback. The marketing manager liked the look; calling it “clean and easy on the eyes; she found herself reading all the information”.
Steve Wilson --
Business Development Director
After third party review of:
MRM Industries Inc. web site and content.

Let's get back to the point made above about how effective writing is often overlooked in business. By being different, you can enjoy the benefits many others are missing.

What might be most surprising for you is that something as simple as writing could have such a profound impact in your marketing. Simple is a relative term though.

You already know that worthwhile results do not come without serious effort. Great writing or effective copywriting, requires the same degree of planning and effort as any other important endeavor in your business.

Yet all too often, business writing is not given the priority, respect, or attention it deserves.

When you realize how much of an influence written materials have on your business, it becomes much more apparent that “conventional wisdom” may save time and/or money up front, but easily results in lost opportunity. Let's look at some benefits that effective copywriting offers for your business.

Great Writing is Powerful, Effective, and Very Profitable

There is something about your product or service that makes you unique and separates you from the competition. There is some reason people should choose you over their other choices. Good writing communicates those differences and increases your potential to make the sale.

We are not saying that writing alone will always magically make sales happen, but effective writing will help tip the scales in your favor. Think of it as a link in the chain of all your other business efforts. Great writing not only keeps the chain from breaking, it makes it stronger.

Shorter Writing Requires Even More Power and Precision

Sometimes effective writing needs to be very brief. A flyer or business card would be good examples. One of the most common errors made on flyers is emphasizing a company logo on the cover. A logo provides no motivation for most people to open a cover. Powerful cover copy is like an irresistible invitation to look inside.

A few choice words on promotional materials could mean the difference between success and failure in getting the desired results. There are cases where changing just one word increased response rates by tenfold and higher.

Effective Writing Doesn't Stop at Promotion and Marketing

The benefits of good writing go far beyond just the sales and marketing of your business. Clear communication with your employees could help you better meet business goals, increase productivity, provide motivation, reduce errors and waste, improve customer service, and much more.

You can also bolster your customer satisfaction with high quality writing. A simple example would be a thank you letter or card used after the sale. If done correctly, it not only helps you get repeat business, it provides referral business which can perpetuate into more referrals.

Here is Our Secret Ingredient

So far, this is only a general overview of what good writing can do for your business. Now we need to do better than that. Maybe we're a bit old fashioned, but we believe in getting to know you so we can help you identify and seize opportunities. Yeah, it takes some extra time and effort on our part, but the results are worth it.

The next step is up to you; simply contact us. One of our writers is up to any challenge you have, and for almost any type of writing you need.

Writing For Success

The Benefits of Creative Copywriting That Sells

Anyone can string together a bunch of words, but great writing evokes some type of response. Well crafted words can persuade, create laughter, bring understanding and enlightenment, inspire, unite, and even stimulate success. When you hire a writer who has great writing skills, you separate yourself from the sea of being average. You reap rewards that many others will never experience.

A successful person, business, or organization will have a clearly defined purpose or mission, and it must be communicated to your workforce or volunteers. This will be communicated to your customer base or supporters. The objectives will be written down so everyone can stay focused.

Writing plays a crucial role in the success of any objective. So much so that the one common element in every success is when goals and purposes are written down. When you need creative business writing to share your vision, to promote a product, to define and meet your objectives, or to communicate a message, we have writers who can help you do that with clarity and professionalism.

It does not matter if the writing is for a business or a non-profit organization. Success is still measured the same way. You need sales! Whether you are selling an idea, a product or service, or looking for support or donations, you still need sales. Crafting the words in your marketing materials will either cost you those sales, or gain you the sales. As a copywriter myself, I can help you get those sales.

If you choose Creative Business Services for a copywriting project, you are getting more than just the writing services of a company. You are obtaining the attention of individuals who understand business. It may seem as simple as a few choice words on a flyer, but they still need to be powerful and effective words.

We determine the priorities and goals of each writing project and exceed those objectives. Some of the considerations for writing are as follows:

  • Evaluate who the target audience is, how to capture their attention, and what the goal is once we have their attention.
  • Everyone is bombarded daily with a myriad of things to read. Effective writing must somehow rise above all this “noise.”
  • Whether the writing is a few lines for a flyer, a few paragraphs for a cover letter, or something much larger, good writing must captivate the reader, engage them, and it must get a response (create sales).
  • Effective writing must motivate the reader to consider your offer, product, service, or solution (create sales).
  • If the writing is for web content, you need someone who understands search engines, web users, Internet technology, and code languages. Web content writing is highly specialized if your objectives for a web site are to be met.
  • We are not limited to writing on commercial topics either. We can do research projects, even technical writing. We have writers who can adapt to several styles of writing to suit your needs.
  • We write copy for nearly anything: a flyer, a book or textbook, a brochure, web content, an article, a business proposal, a training course, and sales aids, just to name a few examples.
  • There is one important restriction; all writing projects must be ethical and in good taste.
  • Maybe you do not actually need writing services, but fine tuning or editing. Perhaps just another set of eyes to review for clarity and continuity. When you need editing or proof reading, Creative Business Services can help.

I (Steve Chittenden) do a lot of writing personally. I did the writing for this web site, making the web content a self-contained portfolio. Feel free to examine some other samples of my writing projects. If you review our Examples of Web Site Design, they also include a lot of original web content writing.

Since I am both a freelance writer and a business owner, that unique understanding of why you need professional writing will provide even more benefits for you. Contact Creative Business Services and discover for yourself that a few words really can make a difference.